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Increased miR-200c Expression in CD4 T Cells Regulates Th-17 Pathogenicity Via Targeting PD-L1 in Multiple Sclerosis

Li, J;Li, M;Yang, X;Ji, H;Zhang, X;Pan, D;Kuang, X;Zhang, J;Wang, Y;Fu, J;Yang, D;

Methods: 20 RRMS patients as well as 20 age and sex matched healthy controls were enrolled and the expression level of miR-200c was measured using quantitative real-time PCR in these patients and EAE mice. The Th17 effector cytokines was assessed by ELISA and the levels of the Th1 and Th17 populations using flow cytometry. The TargetScan website was used to predict putative target immune response genes and luciferase assays were conducted to verify the target gene. The GEO databases were used to analyze the differentially expressed genes and the potential mechanism and verified by PCR. The role of miR-200c was confirmed in vivo using EAE mice.