Management Team

Nancy Shine PhD, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Shine has been with List Biological Laboratories since 1999 and has been Director of Research and Development since 2007. Her background is in protein chemistry and she has applied that knowledge to the toxins produced at List with a particular focus on the botulinum and anthrax toxins. During her tenure she has designed peptide substrates for various analytical purposes. She designed FRET peptide substrates for four botulinum toxin serotypes (BoNT). She was granted a patent for the substrate specific for BoNTA marketed as SNAPtide® and developed protocols using these peptides for inhibitor screening and detection of low picogram amounts of BoNTA in complex matrices. She also developed an assay to evaluate both receptor binding and enzymatic activity of BoNTA using the SV2 receptor and SNAPtide®. She designed FRET peptides, marketed as MAPKKide®, for Bacillus anthracis lethal factor. She received a patent for a fluorescently labeled substrate, MAPKKide® Plus, for the rapid, sensitive and specific detection of anthrax lethal factor in plasma. Dr. Shine’s current work includes development and qualification of ELISAs, HPLC for purity determination, a microplate assay to detect residual protein contaminants, and a specific activity assay for drug product using a FRET substrate. She received her PhD in Medicinal Chemistry from the University of California, San Francisco.