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August 1, 2022

Effects of a single dose of orally and rectally administered misoprostol in an in vivo endotoxemia model in healthy adult horses

Kimura, S;McCoy, A;Boothe, D;Wooldridge, A;Graff, E;Hammack, S;Cresci, L;Hofmeister, E;Lascola, K;

July 15, 2022

C910 chemical compound inhibits the traffiking of several bacterial AB toxins with cross-protection against influenza virus

Wu, Y;Mahtal, N;Paillares, E;Swistak, L;Sagadiev, S;Acharya, M;Demeret, C;Werf, SV;Guivel-Benhassine, F;Schwartz, O;Petracchini, S;Mettouchi, A;Caramelle, L;Couvineau, P;Thai, R;Barbe, P;Keck, M;Brodin, P;Machelart, A;Sencio, V;Trottein, F;Sachse, M;Chicanne, G;Payrastre, B;Ville, F;Kreis, V;Popoff, MR;Johannes, L;Cintrat, JC;Barbier, J;Gillet, D;Lemichez, E;

July 1, 2022

Therapeutic Effect of Anti-CD52 Monoclonal Antibody in Multiple Sclerosis and Its Animal Models Is Mediated via T Regulatory Cells

Kiapour, N;Wu, B;Wang, Y;Seyedsadr, M;Kapoor, S;Zhang, X;Elzoheiry, M;Kasimoglu, E;Wan, Y;Markovic-Plese, S;