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August 1, 2022

Effects of a single dose of orally and rectally administered misoprostol in an in vivo endotoxemia model in healthy adult horses

Kimura, S;McCoy, A;Boothe, D;Wooldridge, A;Graff, E;Hammack, S;Cresci, L;Hofmeister, E;Lascola, K;

July 29, 2022

Transcription factor network analysis identifies REST/NRSF as an intrinsic regulator of CNS regeneration in mice

Cheng, Y;Yin, Y;Zhang, A;Bernstein, AM;Kawaguchi, R;Gao, K;Potter, K;Gilbert, HY;Ao, Y;Ou, J;Fricano-Kugler, CJ;Goldberg, JL;He, Z;Woolf, CJ;Sofroniew, MV;Benowitz, LI;Geschwind, DH;

July 27, 2022

PI3K drives the de novo synthesis of coenzyme A from vitamin B5

Dibble, CC;Barritt, SA;Perry, GE;Lien, EC;Geck, RC;DuBois-Coyne, SE;Bartee, D;Zengeya, TT;Cohen, EB;Yuan, M;Hopkins, BD;Meier, JL;Clohessy, JG;Asara, JM;Cantley, LC;Toker, A;