Custom Services

With over 40 years of experience in bacteria-based products, List Labs offers a variety of custom services.

Custom Services

Let’s Advance Your Product

List Labs’ team of experts have decades of experience in the production of hard-to-grow bacteria and the development of strains for optimized growth. We have also manufactured over 100 reagent grade bacterial products and can produce GMP versions or provide custom or bulk fills.

Expertise with aerobes, anaerobes, and spore formers
BSL1 to BSL3 capable

Product Fills

Custom Product Fills

List Labs can provide any of our portfolio of products in the quantity you need through custom filling. We can also manufacture and fill your own products at reagent or cGMP grade, in custom quantities. Contact our team today to find out more.

Please note: Custom fills require a minimum quantity commitment and may take several months to schedule.

Custom Batches of
Research Reagents

Even if we don’t make it, List Labs is able to develop custom batches of the research reagent you need. We can also make batches in different sizes and different ways. Contact our team today to find out more.

Please note: Custom batches will require minimum quantity commitments and take several months to produce.


List Labs staff has over 25 years’ experience manufacturing bacterial-based drug substances and drug products. We offer cGMP manufacturing of drug substance and drug product for Phase I and II clinical trials.

Project Management

At List Labs, we believe that project management is the key to overall planning, monitoring, and implementation activities for every proposal. To that end, we assign a dedicated project manager, and our dynamic team is comprised of highly experienced individuals who have specialized training and knowledge in bacterial products. Each project team member will be assigned specific responsibilities relating to individual project’s requirements.

To ensure that the project meets its requirements for deliverables — and rapid adjustments are made if targets are at risk — our Project Managers (PMs) closely monitor timelines, resources, budget, and task interdependencies.

Overall project management and communications
Tracking, monitoring, and reporting on project status and progress
Overall management, integration, and coordination of all contract activities

A Culture of Transparency

Underlining our commitment to collaboration and transparency, List Labs has a separate on-site office dedicated to clients that wish to have a “person in plant” (PIP) to oversee any portion of the development and manufacturing process.

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