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A Small-Molecule Compound Baicalein Alleviates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis Through Suppressing Pathogenetic CXCR6 CD4 Cells

Ying, S;Yang, H;Gu, Q;Wu, Z;Zou, N;Wang, C;wan, c;Yuan, C;

Results: We found that baicalein restrained Th1 and Th17 differentiation in vitro. Oral administration of baicalein (25mg/kg) significantly reduced the severity of disease and infiltration process, decreased the extent of demyelination in EAE, and also selectively blocked IL-17A production and specific antibody (IgG and IgG3) in MOG35-55 induced specific immune response. In addition, the expression of CD4 cell effector (CD44hiCD62Llow) and pathogenic Th17 cells were decreased by baicalein treatment. Furthermore, baicalein treatment largely diminished CXCR6+ CD4 and CD8 cells and prominently repressed CXCR6+ Th17 cells in EAE.