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Anatomical and physiological foundations of cerebello-hippocampal interactions

Watson, T;Obiang, P;Torres-Herraez, A;Watilliaux, A;Coulon, P;Rochefort, C;Rondi-Reig, L;

Multiple lines of evidence suggest that functionally intact cerebello-hippocampal interactions are required for appropriate spatial processing. However, how the cerebellum anatomically and physiologically engages with the hippocampus to sustain such interactions remains unknown. Using rabies virus as retrograde transneuronal tracer, we reveal that the dorsal hippocampus receives input from topographically restricted and disparate regions of the cerebellum. By simultaneously recording local field potential from both the dorsal hippocampus and anatomically connected cerebellar regions, we additionally demonstrate that the two structures interact, in a behaviorally dynamic manner, through subregion-specific synchronization of neuronal oscillations in the 6-12Hz frequency range. Together, these results reveal a novel neural network macro-architecture through which we can understand how a brain region classically associated with motor control, the cerebellum, may influence hippocampal neuronal activity and related functions, such as spatial navigation.