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Antibodies against nephronectin ameliorate anti-type II collagen-induced arthritis in mice

Kon, S;Honda, M;Ishikawa, K;Maeda, M;Segawa, T;

The extracellular matrix protein nephronectin (Npnt) is known to be critical for kidney development, but its function in inflammatory diseases is unknown. Here, we developed a new enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay system to detect Npnt in various autoimmune diseases, which revealed that plasma Npnt levels are increased in various mouse autoimmune models. We also report that antibodies against the 81 integrin-binding region of Npnt protect mice from anti-type II collagen-induced arthritis, suggesting that Npnt may be a potential therapeutic target molecule for the prevention of autoimmune arthritis. 2019 The Authors. Published by FEBS Press and John Wiley & Sons Ltd.