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Attenuation of allergic immune response phenotype by mannosylated egg white in orally induced allergy in BALB/c mice

Rupa, P;Nakamura, S;Katayama, S;Mine, Y;

Food allergies are attributed to an imbalance in immune response to ubiquitous antigens. A previous study demonstrated that mannose glycation (mannosylation) of ovalbumin decreased allergenicity in vivo. The proposed research targets mannosylation of various common allergens that may help prevent food allergy. Balb/c mice (n = 8) were sensitized toxin egg white, peanut, and whey and treated with mannosylated forms of the test antigens. Glucosylated peanut and cholera toxins were used as controls. Allergic status was assessed as clinical signs, serum histamine, mouse mast cell protease (MMCP), antibody activity, cytokines, and T regulatory cells (T-regs). Significant preventative effects were observed with mannosylated egg white treatment such as reduced clinical signs, histamine, MMCP, specific G, G1, and E antibody activities, and IL-4 and increased IL-10 and CD25(+) Foxp3(+) cells. Other groups did not differ significantly. It was concluded that mannosylated egg white provides a powerful tool to prevent allergic phenotypes with possible relevance to control human egg allergy.