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Circulating transforming growth factor-b1 facilitates remyelination in the adult central nervous system

Hamaguchi, M;Muramatsu, R;Fujimura, H;Mochizuki, H;

Oligodendrocyte maturation is necessary for functional regeneration in the CNS; however, the mechanisms by which the systemic environment regulates oligodendrocyte maturation is unclear. We found that Transforming growth factor (TGF)-b1, which is present in higher levels in the systemic environment, promotes oligodendrocyte maturation. Oligodendrocyte maturation was enhanced by adult mouse serum treatment via TGF-b type I receptor. Decrease in circulating TGF-b1 level prevented remyelination in the spinal cord after toxin-induced demyelination. TGF-b1 administration promoted remyelination and restored neurological function in a multiple sclerosis animal model. Furthermore, TGF-b1 treatment stimulated human oligodendrocyte maturation. These data provide the therapeutic possibility of TGF-b for demyelinating diseases