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Dehydrocostus Lactone Suppresses the Expression of iNOS Induced by TLR Agonists

Kim, S;Heo, S;Kim, S;Kwon, M;Park, S;Youn, H;

DHL TLR agonists iNOS . DHL LPS (TLR4 agonist), MALP-2 (TLR2 TLR6 agonist), Poly[I:C] (TLR3 agonist) iNOS iNOS-luciferase assay (Figs. 3A-C). DHL LPS, MALP-2, Poly[I:C] iNOS Western blotting (Figs. 4A-C). DHL iNOS nitrite (NO2) . Nitrite (NO2) NO NO . DHL LPS, MALP-2, Poly[I:C] nitrite (NO2) (Figs. 5A-C). DHL TLR iNOS nitrite (NO2) .