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GPR35 promotes neutrophil recruitment in response to serotonin metabolite 5-HIAA

De Giovanni, M;Tam, H;Valet, C;Xu, Y;Looney, MR;Cyster, JG;

Rapid neutrophil recruitment to sites of inflammation is crucial for innate immune responses. Here, we reveal that the G-protein-coupled receptor GPR35 is upregulated in activated neutrophils, and it promotes their migration. GPR35-deficient neutrophils are less recruited from blood vessels into inflamed tissue, and the mice are less efficient in clearing peritoneal bacteria. Using a bioassay, we find that serum and activated platelet supernatant stimulate GPR35, and we identify the platelet-derived serotonin metabolite 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid (5-HIAA) as a GPR35 ligand. GPR35 function in neutrophil recruitment is strongly dependent on platelets, with the receptor promoting transmigration across platelet-coated endothelium. Mast cells also attract GPR35+ cells via 5-HIAA. Mice deficient in 5-HIAA show a loss of GPR35-mediated neutrophil recruitment to inflamed tissue. These findings identify 5-HIAA as a GPR35 ligand and neutrophil chemoattractant and establish a role for platelet- and mast cell-produced 5-HIAA in cell recruitment to the sites of inflammation and bacterial clearance.