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Granagard administration prolongs the survival of human mesenchymal stem cells transplanted into a mouse model of multiple sclerosis

Frid, K;Usmann, A;Markovits-Pachter, T;Binyamin, O;Petrou, P;Kassis, I;Karussis, D;Gabizon, R;

The clinical effect of human Mesenchymal stem cells (hMSCs) transplanted into EAE mice/MS patients is short lived due to poor survival of the transplanted cells. Since Granagard, a nanoformulation of pomegranate seed oil, extended the presence of Neuronal Stem cells transplanted into CJD mice brains, we tested whether this safe food supplement can also elongate the survival of hMSCs transplanted into EAE mice. Indeed, pathological studies 60 days post transplantation identified human cells only in brains of Granagard treated mice, concomitant with increased clinical activity. We conclude that Granagard may prolong the activity of stem cell transplantation in neurological diseases.