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Heterogeneity of tyrosine hydroxylase expressing neurons in the main olfactory bulb of the mouse

Kosaka, T;Pignatelli, A;Kosaka, K;

The structural features of dopamine (DA)-GABAergic neurons in the mouse main olfactory bulbs were examined, using both wild type and transgenic TH-GFP mice, with the combination of several methods; the immunocytochemistry, biotinylated dextran amine labeling, lucifer yellow injection in fixed slices, biocytin injection in live slice and the functional olfactory deprivation. DA-GABAergic neurons were clustered in the glomerular layer (GL) but they also scattered in other layers. DA-GABAergic juxtaglomerular neurons, were classified into 5 groups based on their structural features and named as follows: 1) Large periglomerular (LPG) cells with tuft-like glomerular dendritic branches and apparent axons extending to the distant glomeruli, which correspond to the ” inhibitory juxtaglomerular association (IJGA) neurons” participating in the interglomerular association system. 2) Small periglomerular (SPG) cells including both axonic and anaxonic ones; the axonic SPG cells might correspond to the classical periglomerular cells. 3) Transglomerular cells extending dendritic processes spanning 2 or more glomeruli. 4) Incrusting cells extending their dendritic branches mainly in the periphery of the glomeruli. 5) Other various neurons not-yet classified. In the layers other than the GL various types of TH expressing neurons were scattered; some of them extended dendritic processes into the GL. Copyright 2019 Elsevier Ireland Ltd and the Japan Neuroscience Society. All rights reserved.