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Heterologous Expression of Recombinant Proteins and Their Derivatives Used as Carriers for Conjugate Vaccines

Khodak, YA;

Carrier proteins that provide an effective and long-term immune response to weak antigens has become a real breakthrough in the disease prevention, making it available to a wider range of patients and making it possible to obtain reliable vaccines against a variety of pathogens. Currently, research is continuing both to identify new peptides, proteins, and their complexes potentially suitable for use as carriers, and to develop new methods for isolation, purification, and conjugation of already known and well-established proteins. The use of recombinant proteins has a number of advantages over isolation from natural sources, such as simpler cultivation of the host organism, the possibility of modifying genetic constructs, use of numerous promoter variants, signal sequences, and other regulatory elements. This review is devoted to the methods of obtaining both traditional and new recombinant proteins and their derivatives already being used or potentially suitable for use as carrier proteins in conjugate vaccines.