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IL-12R2 has a protective role in relapsing-remitting experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Xie, C;Ciric, B;Yu, S;Zhang, GX;Rostami, A;

IL-12R2 is a common receptor subunit of heterodimeric receptors for IL-12 and IL-35, two cytokines that are implicated in immunopathogenesis of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), an animal model of multiple sclerosis. We evaluated the role of IL-12R2 in relapsing-remitting EAE (RR-EAE). IL-12R2-deficient SJL/J mice developed markedly more severe clinical EAE, and had greater mortality and more severe relapses compared with wild-type controls. IL-12R2-deficient EAE mice also had more infiltrating mononuclear cells in the CNS, as well as higher T cell proliferative capacity and decreased IFN- production at the periphery. These findings demonstrate a protective role of IL-12R2 in RR-EAE.