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Immune reconstitution following autologous transfers of CD3/CD28 stimulated CD4+ T cells to HIV-infected persons

Bernstein WB, Cox JH, Aronson NE, Tracy L, Schlienger K, Ratto-Kim S, Garner R, Cotte J, Zheng Z, Winestone L, Liebig C, Galley LM, Connors M, Birx DL, Carroll RG, Levine BL

We have previously shown that adoptive transfer of in vitro CD3/CD28 activated autologous CD4(+) T cells results in increased CD4 counts and CD4/CD8 ratios in HIV+ subjects. In this report, analysis of variable beta (Vbeta) chain T cell receptor (TCR) repertoire showed that CD3/CD28 stimulation was able to increase polyclonality within skewed spectra types in vitro. In vivo, two of eight subjects showed increase in TCR diversity and importantly, in no subject did a highly skewed in vivo repertoire emerge. Measurement of proliferative response to alloantigen showed increases following infusions. Response to pharmacological stimulus and lectin via Interferon-gamma ELISpot assay showed increases in a subset of subjects following infusions. However, interferon-gamma response to HIV antigens and peptides declined concurrent with stable or diminishing latent infectious viral load in CD4(+) T cells. These data provide further evidence that adoptive transfer of activated autologous CD4(+) T cells can augment the immune system.