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Insufficient Anthrax Lethal Toxin Neutralization Is Associated with Antibody Subclass and Domain Specificity in the Plasma of Anthrax-Vaccinated Individuals

Smith, K;Garman, L;Norris, K;Muther, J;Duke, A;Engler, RJM;Nelson, MR;Collins, LC;Spooner, C;Guthridge, C;James, JA;

Anthrax vaccine adsorbed (AVA) is a significant line of defense against bioterrorist attack from Bacillus anthracis spores. However, in a subset of individuals, this vaccine may produce a suboptimal quantity of anti-protective antigen (PA), antibodies that are poorly neutralizing, and/or antibody titers that wane over time, necessitating annual boosters. To study individuals with such poor responses, we examine the properties of anti-PA in a subset of vaccinated individuals that make significant quantities of antibody but are still unable to neutralize toxin. In this cohort, characterized by poorly neutralizing antibody, we find that increased IgG4 to IgG1 subclass ratios, low antibody avidity, and insufficient antibody targeting domain 4 associate with improper neutralization. Thus, future vaccines and vaccination schedules should be formulated to improve these deficiencies.