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MicroCor Transdermal Delivery System: A Safe, Efficient, and Convenient Transdermal System for Vaccine Administration

Singh, P;Chen, G;Worsham, W;

The development of convenient, safe, efficient, and effective delivery methods for large molecular weight drugs (including biologicals and vaccines) by non-parenteral administration routes continues to be an objective for a number of academic institutions and commercial organizations. Transdermal delivery of drugs is generally limited to small and potent molecules using conventional patch technology and passive diffusion mechanisms. Large molecular weight drugs are generally administered by intramuscular or subcutaneous routes of administration using the traditional needle and syringe, or in some cases using needle-less injector devices. Fear and pain are universal concerns in needle-based drug delivery, particularly in the pediatric population, and can make the experience of vaccination rather unpleasant. Needle-phobia is one of the major reasons for vaccine noncompliance, which can lead to less than optimal therapeutic outcomes. Noncompliance also contributes significantly to the direct and indirect economic burden on the patient and the health-care system.