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OT-II TCR transgenic mice fail to produce anti-ovalbumin antibodies upon vaccination

Leung, S;Smith, D;Myc, A;Morry, J;Baker, JR;

OT-II mice were evaluated as a transgenic strain-specific model to assess T-cell help for B-cell responses. OT-II CD4(+) T-cells express transgenic OVA-specific -TCRs. This high frequency of antigen-specific helper T-lymphocytes may augment induction of B-cell responses. Unexpectedly, OT-II mice did not produce OVA-specific antibodies after intranasal immunization. However, B-cells expressed normal antigen-presenting function in vitro for activation of OVA-specific T-cell responses. These OT-II T-cell responses produced a Th1-type cytokine profile with significantly reduced Th2 or Th17 responses. These data suggest that OT-II B-cells are not defective as APCs, however, downstream antibody responses are abrogated in this transgenic strain.