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Paclitaxel is an inhibitor and its boron dipyrromethene derivative is a fluorescent recognition agent for botulinum neurotoxin subtype A

Dadgar, S;Ramjan, Z;Floriano, WB;

We have successfully identified one new inhibitor and one new fluorescent recognition agent for the botulinum neurotoxin subtype A (BoNT/A) using the virtual screening protocol protein scanning with virtual ligand screening (PSVLS). Hit selection used an in-house developed holistic binding scoring method. Selected hits were tested experimentally for inhibitory activity using fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) assays against the light chain (catalytic domain) of BoNT/A. Ligand binding was determined against the light and heavy chain BoNT/A complex through either radiolabeled ligand binding assays (nonfluorescent ligands) or fluorescence intensity assays (fluorescent ligands). These experimental assays have confirmed one compound (paclitaxel) to inhibit BoNT/A’s proteolytic activity experimentally with an IC50 of 5.2 M. A fluorescent derivative was also confirmed to bind to the toxin and therefore is a suitable candidate for the rational design of new detection agents and for the development of fluorescence-based multiprobe detection assays.