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Scribble and E-cadherin cooperate to control symmetric daughter cell positioning by multiple mechanisms

Chann, AS;Chen, Y;Kinwel, T;Humbert, PO;Russell, SM;

The fate of the two daughter cells is intimately connected to their positioning, which is in turn regulated by cell junction remodelling and orientation of the mitotic spindle. How multiple cues are integrated to dictate the ultimate positioning of daughters is not clear. Here, we identify novel mechanisms of regulation of daughter positioning in single MCF10A cells. The polarity protein, Scribble cooperates with E-cadherin for sequential roles in daughter positioning. First Scribble stabilises E-cadherin at the mitotic cortex as well as the retraction fibres, to mediate spindle orientation. Second, Scribble re-locates to the junction between the two daughters to allow a new E-cadherin-based-interface to form between them, influencing the width of the nascent daughter-daughter junction and subsequent cell positioning. Thus, E-cadherin and Scribble dynamically relocate to different intracellular sites during cell division to orient the mitotic spindle and control placement of the daughter cells after cell division. This article has an associated First Person interview with the first author of the paper.