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Single-cell sequencing of the retina shows that LDHA regulates pathogenesis of autoimmune uveitis

Peng, X;Li, H;Zhu, L;Zhao, S;Li, Z;Li, S;DongtingWu, ;Chen, J;Zheng, S;Su, W;

Autoimmune uveitis (AU) is a severe disorder causing poor vision and blindness. However, the cellular dynamics and pathogenic mechanisms underlying retinal injury in uveitis remain unclear. In this study, single-cell RNA sequencing of the retina and cervical draining lymph nodes in experimental autoimmune uveitis mice was conducted to identify the cellular spatiotemporal dynamics and upregulation of the glycolysis-related gene LDHA. Suppression of LDHA can rescue the imbalance of T effector (Teff) cells/T regulator (Treg) cells under inflammation via downregulation of the glycolysis-PI3K signaling circuit and inhibition of the migration of CXCR4+ Teff cells towards retinal tissue. Furthermore, LDHA and CXCR4 are upregulated in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells of Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada patients. The LDHA inhibitor suppresses CD4+ T cell proliferation in humans. Therefore, our data indicate that the autoimmune environment of uveitis regulates Teff cell accumulation in the retina via glycolysis-associated LDHA. Modulation of this target may provide a novel therapeutic strategy for treating AU.