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Sox2 is required in supporting cells for normal levels of vestibular hair cell regeneration in adult mice

Berlingeri, ANC;Pujol, R;Cox, BC;Stone, JS;

Sox2 is a transcription factor that is necessary in the mammalian inner ear for development of sensory hair cells and supporting cells. Sox2 is expressed in supporting cells of adult mammals, but its function in this context is poorly understood. Given its role in the developing inner ear, we hypothesized that Sox2 is required in vestibular supporting cells for regeneration of type II hair cells after damage. Using adult mice, we deleted Sox2 from Sox9-CreER-expressing supporting cells prior to diphtheria toxin-mediated hair cell destruction and used fate-mapping to assess regeneration. In utricles of control mice with normal Sox2 expression, supporting cells regenerated nearly 200 hair cells by 3 weeks post-damage, which doubled by 12 weeks. In contrast, mice with Sox2 deletion from supporting cells had approximately 20 fate-mapped hair cells at 3 weeks post-damage, and this number did not change significantly by 12 weeks, indicating regeneration was dramatically curtailed. We made similar observations for saccules and ampullae. We found no evidence that supporting cells lacking Sox2 had altered cellular density, morphology, or ultrastructure. However, some Sox2-negative supporting cell nuclei appeared to migrate apically but did not turn on hair cell markers, and type I hair cell survival was higher. Sox2 heterozygotes also had reduced regeneration in utricles, but more hair cells were replaced than mice with Sox2 deletion. Our study determined that Sox2 is required in supporting cells for normal levels of vestibular hair cell regeneration but found no other major requirements for Sox2 in adult supporting cells.