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Transcutaneous Vaccination with Conjugate Typhoid Vaccine Vi-DT Induces Systemic, Mucosal, and Memory Anti-Polysaccharide Responses

Bhuiyan, MS;Kalsy, A;Arifuzzaman, M;Charles, RC;Harris, JB;Calderwood, SB;Qadri, F;Ryan, ET;

Transcutaneous vaccination can induce both mucosal and systemic immune responses. However, there are few data on anti-polysaccharide responses following transcutaneous vaccination of polysaccharides, despite the role that anti-polysaccharide responses play in protecting against intestinal mucosal and respiratory pathogens. Whether transcutaneous vaccination with a conjugate polysaccharide vaccine would be able to induce memory responses is also unknown. To address this, we transcutaneously vaccinated mice with virulence antigen (Vi) polysaccharide of Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi (the cause of typhoid fever), either in unconjugated or conjugated form (the latter as a Vi-DT conjugate). We also assessed the ability of the immunoadjuvant cholera toxin to impact responses following vaccination. We found that presenting Vi in a conjugate versus nonconjugate form transcutaneously resulted in comparable serum IgG responses but higher serum and lamina propria lymphocyte IgA anti-Vi responses, as well as increased IgG memory responses. The addition of immunoadjuvant did not further increase these responses; however, it boosted fecal IgA and serum IgG anti-Vi responses. Our results suggest that transcutaneous vaccination of a conjugate vaccine can induce systemic as well as enhanced mucosal and memory B-cell anti-polysaccharide responses.