Process Development and Production:

ISO 5 BSCs in all production suites
3 Don Whitley Anaerobic Chambers (1 internal HEPA filtered)
DASGIP® parallel bioreactor systems 4 x 1.5 L
Applikon Microbial Fermentation EZ Controller 10 L
2 Applikon 12 L bioreactors
2 Eppendorf BioFlo Controller
Single-use bioreactors up to 40 L
2 Sartorius Stedim 100 L fermenters with CIP
Sartorius 500L Stedim bioreactor
Tangential Flow Filtration units up to 100 L scale
Cell homogenizers/microfluidizers
Shaker Incubators
3 ÄKTA FPLC systems
Cytiva ÄKTA Readyflux XL tangential flow filtration system
Flexicon Filling machines
Low humidity chambers
3 Virtis Genesis lyophilizers, 3000 x 2mL vials each
Clean steam and decontamination autoclaves
HPLC system
Fluorescent and UV-Vis plate readers and spectrophotometers
PCR machine