By: Rachel Berlin, Marketing Manager

List Labs manufactures biological toxins for use in research. While we sell products directly, we also have both domestic and international distributors. Worldwide we have over 30 distributors in nearly 20 countries. Distributors receive benefits like generous discounts on products, full access to List Labs’ marketing, promotion via website, email marketing and social media and leads directly from List Labs. A dedicated distributor coordinator will work directly with you to answer any of your questions, suggest ways to save money on orders and to help you be successful selling List Labs’ products!

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So how does a company become a distributor for List Labs?

The answer is simple and can be done in three easy steps:

  1. Qualifying Questions to see if your company would be a good fit as a distributor for List Labs’ products
  2. Fill out our application and become approved as a buyer
  3. Review and Sign the Contract

Answer the Qualifying Questions 

First step in becoming a distributor for List Labs is answering a series of qualifying questions that will help us determine if your company will be a good fit for us as a distributor of our products. List Labs will assess the partnership potential based on the answers to the qualifying questions. If it seems like a good fit, List Labs will move forward with the distributor application.

Fill out the Distributor Application 

Once both parties agree that this partnership would be mutually beneficial and wish to move forward, the potential distributor will fill out the official application. Because of the nature of List Labs’ product, we are required to obtain certain information per federal regulations. If the application is filled out correctly and with enough detailed information, the approval process generally takes one to three business days.

Review and Sign the Distributor Contract 

If the application is approved we will draft a contract including terms for discount, outlining the benefits of becoming a distributor and the List Labs’ requirements. Sign the contract, then we will countersign it, send it back and that’s it!


List Labs is currently actively seeking distributors in Mexico, Indonesia and South America. If you are interested in becoming a domestic or international distributor for List Labs’ products,  please contact us today!