List Labs has been making botulinum toxins for research for 30 years. 

In that time, we’ve made reagent and GMP products for researchers and pharma companies.  Our products are of the highest quality and purity; they are produced in consistent processes, tested and stabilized by freeze-drying.  Proteins that need to be activated by proteolytic cleavage (nicking) are activated and purified, providing consistent proteins for your research. You do not loose toxin in the nicking process, nor do you run experiments with toxin having a variable amount of nicking.  We offer both pure neurotoxin and toxin complex, fully activated.

For work with the enzymatic light chains, we offer recombinant Light Chains in four different serotypes, LC/A, /B, /C and /D which are non-toxic and may be applied to research using common laboratory practices.  Recombinant heavy chain, binding domains, both GST tagged and un-tagged are available. Our toxoids are made from purified neurotoxin types A and B to give you the most specific antibody production.

We have demonstrated the use of our type A toxin antibodies; one polyclonal raised against the heavy chain is an effective capture antibody for ELISAs and other detection strategies and the other antibody, a mouse monoclonal will specifically bind to type A light chain. This antibody pair will capture and identify small amounts of toxin.

The table below lists the Product #’s for these research reagents; several are offered in different sizes.

A 128 130 133 611, 612, 613 730, 731
B 138 138 139 620, 622, 623
C 625
D 146 630
E 140 141


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See information outlining the purchase of controlled toxins on our website.

Orders of Select Agent products must total less than 1mg.  There are no such limitations on antibodies or chains.