Original Post By:
Linda Eaton, Ph.D., VP of Research and Development
Eva Purro, Director of Quality Assurance

Updates by:
Dom C. Ouano, Marketing


Cholera QD Product #9100B is now available for purchase online.
Vial Size: 1 mg
List Price: $550/vial
Minimum order: 5 vials


Cholera QD Product #9100B is now available from stock.
Vial Size: 1 mg
List Price: $550/vial
Minimum order: 5 vials
Please e-mail info@listlabs.com to place your order.


Product Number 9100B has been assigned to the new cholera toxin QD grade, size 1.0 mg. We will continue to update this post as QC continues.


List Labs has produced cholera toxin for more than thirty years as a research reagent. We now produce various grades of product, ranging from Reagent Grade to cGMP. An intermediate grade is our quality documented (QD) grade, which refers to compliance to Q7A methodology and cGMP documentation and has been termed “GMP-like”.

Our most recently produced cholera toxin lot is QD grade. QD grade material is frequently chosen for pre-clinical use and has been used by some clients as a reagent in the preparation of clinical trial material. Our current lot is in QC for release testing. Release testing will include analyses for purity, identity, binding activity and enzymatic activity. We are taking pre-orders for this lot now and will update you as to the first date of availability. Please inquire by e-mailing info@listlabs.com.

We can also produce cGMP cholera toxin by special request at additional cost. We are glad to work with you to fulfill your requirements.