5 Convenient Online Ordering Features

August 29, 2017


By: Rachel Berlin, Marketing Manager

Ordering List Labs’ Products Has Never Been Easier!
Did you know that you could order List Labs’ products online? You must create an online account to purchase online from List Labs. For instructions on how to become a List Labs customer click here. The online ordering process has convenient features built in. Here are five features to make your online purchase easier.

Purchase Orders or Credit Cards Accepted Online
Yep, you heard that right, we accept PO’s online! Established customers can create an account with List Labs and easily restock their lab by ordering their products online using their purchase order. We also accept all major credit cards, allowing you to pay online in a way that’s convenient for you. 

List Labs Online Payment Options

List Labs Online Payment Options

Email or Print Cart for Easy Approval
Not entirely sure if the items in your cart are what you need? Need that final approval from management before you can purchase? Email your cart to your colleague or manager for the green light before ordering. You can also print the cart to show your boss or keep for your own records.

Share your cart via email or print it out for approval

Access All Previous Orders and Receipts
Reorder products with confidence knowing exactly what you ordered and when you ordered it. You can also access each individual order and print receipts for past orders. 

View your past online orders and access your receipts

View your past online orders and access your receipts

Shipping Options
Did you know you could get your List Labs products by the next morning? With choices in shipping speed you can get your products as quickly as you need them*. You can also enter your own FedEx number if you would like to just use your account to ship

Choose your shipping speed for your online order

Choose your shipping speed for your online order

Automatically Calculate Volume Discounts
List Labs provides a volume discount starting at 10 vials and/or $2500 and it scales based on purchase. The online shopping cart automatically calculates this volume discount for you – no promo code needed! The more you buy, the more you save!  

volume discount automatically updated

Volume Discount Automatically updated

Now that you see how easy it is to order online- START SHOPPING!

Have an idea for a great new feature? Let us know! 


*Orders received by 11am can be shipped overnight. Orders requiring approvals, additional paperwork, etc. will not be shipped until necessary paperwork is received by List Labs. 


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