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Caspase-1 and Gasdermin D afford the optimal targets with distinct switching strategies in NLRP1b inflammasome-induced cell death

Qu, ZL;Qi, H;Yao, C;Shuai, J;

Inflammasomes are essential complexes of innate immune system, which form the first line of host defense against pathogens. Mounting evidence accumulates that inflammasome signaling is highly correlated with coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, there remains a significant gap in our understanding of the regulatory mechanism of inflammasomes signaling. Combining mathematical modeling with experimental analysis of NLRP1b inflammasome signaling, we found that only the expression levels of caspase-1 and GSDMD have the potential to individually switch cell Research Manuscript Template Page 2 of 43 death modes. Reduction of caspase-1 or GSDMD switches cell death from pyroptosis to apoptosis. Caspase-1 and GSDMD present different thresholds and exert distinct pathway choices in switching death modes. Pyroptosis switches to apoptosis with an extremely low threshold level of caspase-1, but with a high threshold of GSDMD. Caspase-1-impaired cells employ ASC-caspase-8-dependent pathway for apoptosis, while GSDMD-impaired cells primarily utilize caspase-1-dependent pathway. Additionally, caspase-1 and GSDMD can severally ignite the co-occurrence of pyroptosis and apoptosis. Landscape topography unravels that the co-occurrence is dramatically different in caspase-1- and GSDMDimpaired cells. Besides pyroptosis state and apoptosis state, a potential new “co-existing” state in single cells is proposed when GSDMD acts as the driving force of the landscape. The “seesaw model” is therefore proposed, which can well describe the death states that are controlled by caspase-1 or GSDMD in single cells. Our study sheds new light on NLRP1b inflammasome signaling and uncovers the switching mechanisms among various death modes, providing potential clues to guide the development of more rational control strategies for diseases.