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Combined Effects of Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Egg Oral Immunotherapy in a Mouse Model of Egg Allergy

Kim, BG;Kim, JN;Jang, AS;Shin, M;

Recent clinical trials have successfully used oral immunotherapy (OIT) to treat food allergies. Probiotics have immunomodulatory effects by balancing Th1/Th2 immunity and enhancing regulatory T-cell activity. In this study, we analyzed the effects of OIT, probiotics alone, and probiotics administered simultaneously with OIT in a mouse model of egg allergy. C3H/HeJ mice were sensitized by intragastric administration of ovomucoid (OM) with cholera toxin. For the OIT regime, increasing doses of OM were administered orally to sensitized mice. Lactobacillus casei variety ramnosus (Lcr35) was also administered. The mice were divided into 4 groups: control (no OIT), OIT, Lcr35, and OIT plus Lcr35 (OIT + Lcr35). The effects of OIT and Lcr35 treatment were estimated based on the symptom score, rectal temperature, serum levels of OM-specific immunoglobulin (Ig)E, IgA, IgG1, and IgG2a immediately after and 2 weeks after ceasing treatment and histological staining of the small intestine. The severity of anaphylaxis decreased in all treatment groups. Simultaneous administration of Lcr35 and OIT decreased the severity of anaphylaxis compared to controls and the OIT group. The protective effects were sustained 2 weeks after ceasing treatment in all treatment groups. A significant decrease in OM-specific IgA, IgG1, and IgG2a levels was observed in both the OIT and OIT plus Lcr35 groups. However, a significant decrease in the OM-specific IgE level was observed only in OIT plus Lcr35 treated mice and was sustained 2 weeks after ceasing treatment. Mucin amounts in the small intestine decreased after OIT, OIT plus Lcr35, and Lcr35 treatment with the lowest in the OIT plus Lcr35 group. Lcr35 treatment during OIT had some synergic effect for protection against anaphylaxis in a mice model of egg allergy. These findings should be confirmed in future animal studies including more detailed immunological profiles and human studies. Copyright 2020 The Korean Academy of Asthma, Allergy and Clinical Immunology The Korean Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Disease.