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t-PA acts as a cytokine to regulate lymphocyte-endothelium adhesion in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

Wang, J;Zhang, X;Mu, L;Zhang, M;Gao, Z;Zhang, J;Yao, X;Liu, C;Wang, G;Wang, D;Kong, Q;Liu, Y;Li, N;Sun, B;Li, H;

In this study, the capacity for t-PA to affect T cell-brain microvascular endothelial cell adhesion by acting as a cytokine was investigated. Following the treatment of a brain-derived endothelial cell line, bEnd.3, with various concentrations of t-PA, adhesion and transwell migration assays were performed. In the presence of t-PA, enhanced adhesion of T cells to bEnd.3 cells was observed. Using western blot analysis, an increase in ICAM-1 expression was detected for both t-PA-treated bEnd.3 cells and bEnd.3 cells treated with a non-enzymatic form of t-PA. In contrast, when LRP1 was blocked using a specific antibody, upregulation of ICAM-1 was inhibited and cAMP-PKA signaling was affected. Furthermore, using an EAE mouse model, administration of t-PA was associated with an increase in ICAM-1 expression by brain endothelial cells. Taken together, these findings suggest that t-PA can induce ICAM-1 expression in brain microvascular endothelial cells, and this may promote the development of EAE.