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The designation, synthesis, and affinity determination of affinity peptide for anthrax protective antigen

Liang, T;Chen, J;Rui, Y;Hexi, L;

Detection of anthrax protective antigen is an effective way to diagnose anthracnose, and it plays an important part in the treatment of anthracnose. Affinity peptides, as a miniature biological recognition element, can quickly and effectively detect anthrax protective antigens. Based on computer-aided design technology (CAD), we have herein developed an affinity peptide design strategy for the detection of anthrax protective antigens. Firstly, six high-value mutation sites were determined based on the molecular docking between the template peptide and the receptor, and then the multi-site mutation of amino acids was carried out in order to establish a virtual peptide library. The library was selected by using molecular dynamics simulation and the best designed affinity peptide (code: P24) was found. The theoretical affinity with P24 peptide has increased by 19.8% compared with template peptide. Finally, the affinity with P24 peptide was measured by SPR technology to reach the nanomole level, which verified the effectiveness of the design strategy. The newly designed affinity peptide is expected to be used in the diagnosis of anthracnose.