List Labs Citation Library – A New Tool Available To Aid In Your Research Needs

March 13, 2017


By: Grace Ayabe, Technical Support Specialist

List Labs recently launched a citation library in our website to provide you with research papers that utilize List Labs products; these papers can provide supplemental information for your research.  We currently have over 1800 citations, from around the world, available for viewing.  The number of available citations will continue to increase, as we will be adding new citations on a regular basis. Our citation library can be found here.

The main page of our citation library includes the following ‘easy to use’ features:

  • Search by “Date” by scrolling the drop down menu to your desired publication year (2000 to current)
  • Search by List Labs “Product” by scrolling the drop down menu to find the product of interest
  • Search by “Keyword” by typing in a specific keyword of interest (for example: publication, usage, animal/assay/cell/protein type…).
  • NOTE:  Fewer words used for a search tend to yield better search results; for example, ‘spinal’ yields more search results than ‘spinal cord’/’spinal cord injury’.

Using one or all of these ‘search’ fields will help you to find a research paper that may interest and/or help you.  Using multiple search fields at once will narrow your search further.  Once you enter your search terms, you will be informed of how many citations match your search and those matched citations will appear summarized below the search field.

Each individual citation includes the following information:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Journal/Publication
  • Volume
  • Page(s)
  • Date
  • Product
  • Snippets provide information on the use of List product(s) described in the paper (if multiple products were used or if products are interchangeable, there will be a link to each product page for purchasing).
  • PubMed ID
  • Read Abstract
  • Read Full Article
  • Buy This Product

Citations Screenshot

We strive to keep our citation library up to date with various types of research; if you do not find your own research paper in our current library, send it to and we will include it.

In the short time that our citation library has been available, we have been hearing that this new tool has been helpful.

“The citations page made it easy to look up and compare methodological
details in previously published papers.  It is an invaluable resource for
researchers looking to develop, troubleshoot or refine their protocols that
use List Labs products.”

-Xue Davis, University of Pennsylvania

Xue Davis searched our citation library and found a similar research paper of interest.  Xue was able to contact the author and obtain helpful information.

We are continuously updating our library to make it user friendly.  If you have any recommendations for future improvements, we welcome your suggestions.  In addition, if you would like to provide us with your own testimonial, please send us your comments.  Please e-mail your recommendations and/or testimonials to, we would love to hear from you.


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