New Site Search Functionality for List Labs

April 5, 2018


By: Rachel Berlin, Marketing Manager

List Labs has rolled out a new search function on our website to make the content you need accessible and easy to find. Like our old search function you can still access many results including all PDF documents in a mobile-friendly platform.

Below are some of the new features you can expect to see:

  • A new pop up window of search results – Check out a screenshot of your search results as you search them- no more guessing what terms to search for and then re-searching!
  • Real time results that update as you type – Can’t remember the name of that hard-to-spell toxin, but you know it starts with “Lip…”? Real time results will guess what you’re looking for before you even finish guessing how to spell it!
  • A smart search that adapts to your previous searches – A search function that learns what you’re looking for and produces more of the content you need? Yes please!
  • Tolerance for typos – we know scientific terms can be difficult to spell (understatement of the century?), so with the typo tolerance feature, we can get you what you’re looking for.
  • Search includes Citations – Our citations update monthly and the new search function searches through thousands of citations where List Labs’ toxins are used in research to find what you need!

Check out our website and get searching for what you need!

List Labs New Search Screen Shot 600


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