MAPKKide® Peptide Substrate (o-Abz/Dnp) for Anthrax Lethal Factor


#530 (200 nmoles)





lyophilized powder

Storage temp


MAPKKide® Peptide Substrate (o-Abz/Dnp) for Anthrax Lethal Factor (MAPKKide® 530) is a quenched fluorescent substrate peptide based on fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and is derived from the MAPKK-2 substrate for LF.  The N-terminally-linked fluorophore is o-aminobenzoic acid (o-Abz), and the acceptor chromophore is 2,4-dinitrophenol (Dnp).  This substrate can be used for development of highly sensitive and rapid in vitro methods for screening and characterizing of LF inhibitors.  [more…]

MAPKKide®, Product #530, is provided as a lyophilized powder.  MAPKKide® preparations are highly purified, and each shipment is provided with recommended assay conditions on the C of A.  An unquenched calibration peptide for MAPKKide® is also available as Product #539.

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