List Labs scours the internet monthly, looking for citations referencing our products. We are highly intrigued by, and love to investigate the different ways researchers use our products. Scientists world-wide have used our toxins for research and have produced interesting results.

List Labs History of working with Botulinum Neurotoxin

List Labs has developed sensitive assays used by pharmaceutical companies, research universities and government agencies to detect Botulinum Toxin Type A in complex samples and to screen for potential inhibitors. List Labs also has a bifunctional assay for Botulinum Type A which measures SV2c receptor binding enzymatic activity.

List Labs is a well-known quality provider of bacterial toxins for research. We harness our vast experience, expertise, state of the art equipment and facilities to bring researchers some of the purest products available.

You can purchase List Labs Botulinum Neurotoxin research reagents here, and view our full catalog of products here.

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