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Olaparib attenuates sepsis-induced acute multiple organ injury via ERK-mediated CD14 expression

Chen, Z;Chen, Y;Jin, X;Liu, Y;Shao, Z;Li, Q;

Product: LPS from Escherichia coli O55:B5

  • … Then, adherent macrophages underwent further incubation in serum-free RPMI1640 at 37°C for 2h and subsequent treatment with LPS (List Biological Laboratories, Escherichia coli 055:B5), …

    Product #203A – LPS from Escherichia coli O55:B5

The CD44/COL17A1 pathway promotes the formation of multilayered, transformed epithelia

Kozawa, K;Sekai, M;Ohba, K;Ito, S;Sako, H;Maruyama, T;Kakeno, M;Shirai, T;Kuromiya, K;Kamasaki, T;Kohashi, K;Tanaka, S;Ishikawa, S;Sato, N;Asano, S;Suzuki, H;Tanimura, N;Mukai, Y;Gotoh, N;Tanino, M;Tanaka, S;Natsuga, K;Soga, T;Nakamura, T;Yabuta, Y;Saitou, M;Ito, T;Matsuura, K;Tsunoda, M;Kikumori, T;Iida, T;Mizutani, Y;Miyai, Y;Kaibuchi, K;Enomoto, A;Fujita, Y;

Product: Cholera Toxin (AZIDE-FREE) from Vibrio cholerae

A critical role for Th17 cell-derived TGF-β1 in regulating the stability and pathogenicity of autoimmune Th17 cells

Choi, G;Park, YJ;Cho, M;Moon, H;Kim, D;Kang, CY;Chung, Y;Kim, BS;

Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer

MeCP2 deficiency exacerbates the neuroinflammatory setting and autoreactive response during an autoimmune challenge

Zalosnik, MI;Fabio, MC;Bertoldi, ML;Castañares, CN;Degano, AL;

Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer

  • EAE induction

    Male MeCP2 WT and MUT mice, 9 weeks old, were anesthetized via i.p. with a mixture of xylazine and ketamine (16 mg/kg and 80 mg/kg respectively) and immunized subcutaneously at the right and left flanks with 200 μl of an emulsion containing 200 μg of myelin oligodendrocyte glycoprotein peptide (MOG35–55, NH2-MEVGWYRSPFSRVVHLYRNGK-COOH; synthesized at the Johns Hopkins University Synthesis & Sequencing Core Facility, Baltimore, MD, USA). The peptide was dissolved in sterile water at 2 mg/ml, mixed at a 1:1 ratio with complete Freund’s adjuvant (CFA, Sigma-Aldrich Co., St. Louis, MO, USA), supplemented with 4 mg/ml of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Pertussis toxin (200 ng List Labs, USA) was dissolved in 100 μl of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and injected i.p. the same day of the immunization and 48 h later. …

    Author did not specify which List Labs Pertussis Toxin was utilized. List Labs provides the following Pertussis Toxin products:
    Product #180 – Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer
    Product #181 – Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized (Salt-Free)
    Product #179A – Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis (in Glycerol)

Product: Anti-Shiga Toxin, Camelid Antibody, VHH

Oral anaphylaxis to peanut in a mouse model is associated with gut permeability but not with Tlr4 or Dock8 mutations

Gertie, JA;Zhang, B;Liu, EG;Hoyt, LR;Yin, X;Xu, L;Long, LL;Soldatenko, A;Gowthaman, U;Williams, A;Eisenbarth, SC;

Product: Cholera Toxin (AZIDE-FREE) from Vibrio cholerae

A mutant equipped with a regenerated disulfide for the missing his loop of a serine protease zymogen in the horseshoe crab coagulation cascade

Yamashita, K;Takeshita, N;Arita, A;Shibata, T;Kobayashi, Y;Kawabata, SI;

Product: LPS from Salmonella minnesota R595 (Re)

Hydrophobic Gating and 1/f Noise of the Anthrax Toxin Channel

Yamini, G;Kanchi, S;Kalu, N;Momben Abolfath, S;Leppla, SH;Ayappa, KG;Maiti, PK;Nestorovich, EM;

Product: Anthrax Protective Antigen (PA), Recombinant from B. anthracis

Product: Pertussis Toxin from B. pertussis, Lyophilized in Buffer

Stabilin Receptors Clear LPS and Control Systemic Inflammation

Cabral, F;Skaggs, J;Al-Rahem, M;Thomas, T;Kumar, N;Wu, Q;Fadda, P;Yu, L;Robinson (Late), J;Kim, J;Jarjour, W;Rajaram, M;Harris, E;Ganesan, L;

Product: LPS from Escherichia coli K12 strain LCD25