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Stimulation of alpha 7 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (7nAChR) inhibits atherosclerosis via immunomodulatory effects on myeloid cells

Ulleryd, MA;Mjrnstedt, F;Panagaki, D;Yang, LJ;Engevall, K;Gutirrez, S;Wang, Y;Gan, LM;Nilsson, H;Michalsson, E;Johansson, ME;

AZ6983 was tested _in vitro_ in LPS-challenged mouse and human blood and _in vivo_ using the acute inflammatory air pouch model. Thereafter, long-term effects of AZ6983 treatment on atherosclerosis and immune responses were assessed in _apoE__/_ mice after 8 and 12 weeks. Atherosclerosis was investigated in the aortic root and thoracic aorta, serum levels of cytokines were analysed and RNAseq was used to study aortic gene expression. Further, bone-marrow-derived macrophages were used to assess phagocytosis _in vitro_.