Management Team

Jonathan Yongwan Jo, MBA, Chief Executive Officer - List Bio

Jonathan Yongwan Jo is a serial entrepreneur who launched 10+ new business projects in both startup and large company settings. He is an open-minded inclusive leader, pursues new challenges, thinks out of the box, and is strong in execution. He speaks Chinese, Korean, and English with professional proficiency.

Previously, Jonathan worked as the CFO and Board Director at Mediheal, a unicorn skincare startup, where he oversaw its strategic planning, corporate development, financial management, business development, and innovation initiatives. At Apple, he worked with sales and finance executives to manage a fast-growing $30B+ sales operation in China, managing national distributors and expanding 350 Apple stores into new cities. At Bain & Company, he advised chief executives in consumer and retail business as a management consultant, boosting sales performance and transforming the organization. Jonathan earned an MBA from the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, after graduating summa cum laude from Seoul National University with a dual degree in business administration and sports science.